The idea was to equip students with 16 skills as mentioned by World Economic Forum and Boston Consulting Groups to concentrate education on these skills (WEF, 2015). This topic is in line with current thinking of the government, as was reported from a briefing at the Ministry of Education, as well as several talks of the President. Indonesia needs to prepare for the Industry Revolution 4.0.

The plan was to provide training for students, who are willing to work hard to look deeper into the literature for each of the skills and master these skills for their work after study using the methodology RPDRW (Reading, Presenting, Discussing, Reflection, Writing).

The course is designed for motivated young students, who are in the position and willing to improve their literacy skills by reading from the material carefully chosen for each skill. These publications are available in the website of the university specifically for this course one week prior to date of the lecture. The understanding of these basic articles for the particular skill is presented in the Syllabus and the PowerPoint with clear structure.

The mentors will evaluate individual performance of the student during the lecture, as well as during the presentation of the structured assignment. Absence and availability of reports are also appraised at the same time, so no mid-term or end-term exams are needed. The students could find the individual grading in the website, and some of them have raised questions about reasoning of the ratings. This situation resembles the environment on the job, with peers being measured against agreed standards like Key Performance Indicators.

Media for students are established in a Google Group mailing, which will provide as media to provide information to the students. Students can use this group mailing if problems with the official website occurs. This mail will still exist after the training. All students could share experiences in future, as well ask questions about matters arising in their job. This mailing system may have similar objectives as reunion of students in the same course.

The hierarchy of information flow is Bella-Wima, Google Group Mail, individual mails of mentors, WA, and Line. GGM will exist after the course. It is expected that students will contact their peers in future and report to UKWMS about experiences in line with the learned material. Even questions arising during on the job activities would allow improvements of future courses.

Students and mentors can participate in lectures and presentation of the structured assignment using the Internet. Some students may have planned long before the lecture to activities outside the city, but can still organize participation using this media.